How to Dress for a Day at the Races

Calgary, we're not "up-and-coming" anymore. We're here; a renowned city with our own identity. We're the host to world class events, a culinary hub, a vibrant music scene... And not to mention our bon vivant, highly affluent, and multi-faceted crowd of a population. (We're also fun, vivacious, and incredibly humble... Mostly.)We're elated to bring The 2nd Annual Packwood Grand back to you, Calgary. It's an old fashioned day of exhilarating horse races, fine spirits and wine, delectable cuisine offerings prepared by executive chef Paul McGreevy, spirited live music by Jory Kinjo, and - the best part - brilliant fashion.But where do you start? Bow ties. Floppy brimmed hats. Fascinators. Pocket squares. Bright colours. Dressing for A Day At The Races is not an easy endeavour, but you've got this! And if you don't, here's a handy guide to dressing for The 2nd Annual Packwood Grand.
1. Suit up
Get dapper, gents. Dust off the ol' bow tie and show 'em what you've got
2. Go Big
You know what they say... The bigger, the better.
3. Brighten Up!
You're at the Packwood Grand. Outrageous outfits are not only allowed... They're encouraged.
4. Fascinated with Fascinators
Snag one from one of our partners... Or build your own!
5. Old Fashioned
We're a young city, but we're about to show you Old Fashioned.
6. Stay Classy Calgary
Two words: Spot on.


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